Jared Dudley has taken a big shot at the Los Angeles Clippers following their disastrous stint in the bubble. The Clippers were expected to do big things this season, instantly labeled as favorites the moment they got Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. They were expected to become the best duo in the league and at some point, it looked like they were going to do it, but everything fell apart when they arrived in the bubble.

They blew a 3-1 lead against the Denver Nuggets in the second round of the postseason and everybody was laughing at them following that moment. One of the people who enjoyed watching their collapse was Jared Dudley, who ‘laughed’ at them for choking even after landing two of the biggest names in the game. Dudley joined the Load Management podcast of Complex Sports, discussing several topics, including the Clippers and their bad season.

“We wanted the Clippers, the Clippers wanted us, that was supposed to be a series for legacy. The Clippers didn’t want to be in this bubble, the way they acted, the way they talked about it, they didn’t wanna be here and it shows and shows their disconnection. They might have had way overall talent, top to bottom roster-wise but no one had the chemistry.”

Dudley also took a shot at Kawhi Leonard, explaining he was pissed when he saw the player getting crowned in a commercial. Something that sparked a flame within the Lakers players.

“I just had a problem with Kawhi coming in, having a crown in the commercials,” Dudley added.

As you may know, the crown is a clear reference to Kawhi dethroning LeBron James as the King and becoming the ruler of Los Angeles. Well, in real life, none of that happened and the Clippers suffered an embarrassing loss when everything pointed out they were going to win it all, while the Lakers, even if they were favorite, did their job every single series until they beat the Miami Heat in the Finals.