Even though a lot of people were unhappy when the Chicago Bulls dynasty came to an end in 1998, some players think it was a good run but that was the best moment for it to finish. Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr is one of those, as he recently revealed in an interview with one of his former players, Matt Barnes, on the ‘All The Smoke’ Podcast. Kerr won three championships with the Bulls in their second three-peat of the 90s.

He explained why after winning so many titles it was time to end things while they were still good, something that most fans don’t understand. They were at the top of the world and Michael Jordan was still the best player on earth, so why not run it back until they couldn’t win anymore? As to that, Kerr said:

“We knew we were done,” the 3x NBA champion coach said.

“There’s an emotional toll that is so big that’s it’s hard for people to understand. When a team loses its edge, it’s energy, it’s motivation, it’s just over. People can say ‘if you guys had come back’ or ‘if Michael didn’t go play baseball you would’ve had 8 championships in a row’. I call bullsh*t. There was no way. There was too much fatigue and it ended for a reason. It was supposed to end.”

Following that year, the Bulls entered a rebuilding process and they’ve never achieved the same level of success they had while Jordan was still with them. As we saw in the Bulls’ docu-series ‘The Last Dance,’ they wanted to keep going, especially Jordan, but some things aren’t meant to happen. He went 6-0 in the Finals, thinking he could’ve won another one if they had the chance.

Well, now Kerr explains it was time to move on for everybody, as the Bulls had given everything they had to give. Kerr went on to win two more titles with the San Antonio Spurs before winning three as a head coach with his Golden State Warriors.