(via Sports Kingdom)

The 2019-20 campaign came with a lot of firsts for the NBA. The first time the season had to be postponed for an extended period of time, the first time they had to play in a quarantine bubble, the first time teams had to partake in a play-in tournament for the eight-seed.

But for all the firsts, this season was strangely familiar to one all the way back in 1971-72.

Both saw two of the top three MVP candidates play for the Bucks and Lakers, both saw a Bucks superstar win their second-straight MVP, and both resulted in the Lakers being named NBA Champions.

The big separator here is the fact that Kareem was able to lead that bucks team to the Finals that year, whereas Giannis failed to get his team past the second round.

Still, the similarities are alarming, especially considering the enormous time gap between the two seasons. Despite so much having changed since then, two teams, and their main star player, find themselves in a familiar position of success.

Their biggest hope for them is that it carries over into next season as well.