Credit: ESPN

NBA star John Wall has getting used to his life in quarantine, communicating through Zoon with other people, especially for interviews. The Washington Wizards point guard is very good at it and he recently showed he’s able to keep a Zoom interview while playing cards at the same time.

Wall was a guest during the latest edition of NFL show ‘Monday Tailgate’ on ESPN, to talk about his Dallas Cowboys, a team going through some bad moments right now.

Following Dallas 38-10 loss against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday, there was a lot to discuss and Wall did a pretty good job describing the team’s situation and pointing out the things that were going bad. However, when the hosts asked him about the rest of the team competing in the same division as Dallas, the All-Star point guard revealed some cards in his hands, evidently playing spades.

He missed the second question, asking the interviewers to repeat it, making one of the funniest sequences we’ve seen in live television recently. Jason Fitz and Field Yates, the hosts of the showed seemed to be intriguing about what was going on in Wall’s house, but they never asked about the game. I would have, to be honest.

They played it off like pros and Wall finished his intervention on the show smoothly. This is multitasking at its finest and Wall proved that men can do more than two things at once very easily.