(via EssentiallySports)

There isn’t a person on earth who enjoys talking about LeBron James more than Skip Bayless does. He somehow finds a way to always connect everything to LeBron, even things that aren’t sports-related, and try to hilariously use it against James’ GOAT case.

This time, he addressed a Tweet by Damian Lillard in which he said he’d take LeBron James’ durability, Kevin Durant’s size, and Michael Jordan’s athleticism if he could pick three attributes from any player in NBA history.

Somehow, Bayless thinks being durable isn’t impressive at all and claimed that you just need to be lucky to be durable, making yet another case against LeBron:

“I would like to thank my friend Damian Lillard for slamming the door on 2 debates: the GOAT debate and best player on the planet debate in one tweet. So, he did want one thing from LeBron. But durability isn’t really a GOAT asset. It’s not really a gift because part of it is just luck. I always call LeBron ‘Iron Man’ but part of it is just being blessed,” Bayless said on Undisputed.

He added that the true GOAT gift is athleticism and not durability, adding that several NFL players suffered career-ending or career-altering injuries because they were unlucky:

“When it comes to MJ, he wants his athleticism. That is a real GOAT gift. That’s just him publically acknowledging that the GOAT is Michael Jordan,” Skip concluded.

Obviously, everything Bayless says about LeBron must be taken with a grain of salt. Also, LeBron James takes better care of his body than any other player in NBA history, so that’s not just luck.