(via NBA.com)

Following the NBA’s hiatus in March, the status of the 2020-21 campaign has remained a major question over these past weeks and months. And while no official start has been set yet, the NBA has picked their target date, which currently sits at December 22.

After initial speculation that the season might be pushed back as far as February, it now seems likely things will be back in action for Christmas Day, one of the NBA’s premier game-days.

With the season having just ended earlier this month, it means there will only be a two-month offseason. With the NBA draft scheduled for November 18, with the free-agency period probably coming a few weeks after that.

For teams still recovering from their stints in Orlando, the short break isn’t exactly good news as it gives their bodies less time to recover from the wear and tear of an NBA season.

Nonetheless, the NBA has a plan and as long as COVID-19 doesn’t get worse, we can finally rest a little easier not having to question when basketball will return.