LeBron James is making a lot of people very happy right now, both on and off the court. A couple of weeks after winning his 4th NBA championship, the King keeps bringing joy to his fans, acting like a true gentleman with the people that support him. For instance, he recently took time to greet, sign autographs and take pictures with a family that waited eight hours to see him in Los Angeles.

James was spotted in Los Angeles, accompanied by his bodyguards, when he made a quick stop to talk with a family and have a nice gesture with them. Bron signed autographs, posed for pictures, and even gave a shoutout to one fan’s son. He was very nice to these people and even apologized for not taking his mask off, given the times we’re living in right now.

It was really a wholesome moment and it shows how important and famous is LeBron James in today’s world. The King, though, doesn’t miss a chance to talk with his fans and make them feel good with his presence. He is one of the most famous athletes alive and wherever he goes, a lot of people would notice him. Good thing he’s not scared or freaked out with this and actually takes the initiative to go say hi to fans.