Michael Jordan was the absolute dominator of the NBA during his best days, dropping any number of points against every team in the association, setting a lot of records against his rivals. One of the most impressive of all is that Jordan has the highest career points per game averaged against most of the half of the NBA teams. This is by far the most in league history, as Wilt Chamberlain is Jordan’s closest pursuers.

Jordan has the highest career PPG average against 16 teams around the league while Wilt did against six franchises. Redditor ‘HistoryArchaeology‘ got to work and listed the averages that Jordan put up the highest career PPG averages of all 30 NBA teams, with MJ easily leading the pack.

Highest career points per game average versus every team (minimum 5 games played):

vs. Blazers – Michael Jordan 33.9

vs. Jazz – Michael Jordan 32.7

vs. Suns – Michael Jordan 32.4

vs. Bucks – Michael Jordan 32.2

vs. Spurs – Michael Jordan 32.0

vs. Hornets – Michael Jordan 32.0

vs. Celtics – Michael Jordan 30.7

vs. Cavaliers – Michael Jordan 30.5

vs. Rockets – Michael Jordan 30.4

vs. Heat – Michael Jordan 30.0

vs. Nets – Michael Jordan 29.9

vs. Pacers – Michael Jordan 29.9

vs. Hawks – Michael Jordan 29.9

vs. Magic – Michael Jordan 29.5

vs. Nuggets – Michael Jordan 29.4

vs. Timberwolves – Michael Jordan 29.2

vs. Lakers – Wilt Chamberlain 39.4

vs. Sixers – Wilt Chamberlain 35.6

vs. Kings – Wilt Chamberlain 35.4

vs. Pistons – Wilt Chamberlain 33.8

vs. Knicks – Wilt Chamberlain 33.7

vs. Wizards – Wilt Chamberlain 32.4

vs. Thunder – Kevin Durant 31.4

vs. Warriors – Kevin Durant 30.9

vs. Grizzlies – Kevin Durant 26.9

vs. Clippers – Joel Embiid 31.2

vs. Raptors – Allen Iverson 29.7

vs. Mavericks – Adrian Dantley 29.2

vs. Bulls – LeBron James – 28.6

vs. Pelicans – Kyrie Irving 28.0

It looks like Jordan took personally the duels against all these teams. And it’s very probable that if he’s not first against the rest of the team, he’s at least top five in terms of career points per game averages. This perfectly sums up how dominant MJ was during his days, setting one of the most impressive and hardest records in the history of the association.

Jordan’s entire career was memorable, but he had an impressive stretch with the Chicago Bulls. His scoring abilities were so great that he won 10 scoring championships in 11 seasons. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is.