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One NBA fan went with everything against Kawhi Leonard, making fun of him for all the moves and requests he’s made in the past couple of seasons trying to land in the Lakers, to land in the Clippers and get the player he wants to team up with at Los Angeles. Kawhi is a quiet but very influential player in the league so it’s not a surprise seeing them making these moves to join forces with the players he wants to.

However, those moves have been criticized by people when LeBron James does them, but Kawhi hasn’t had the same treatment as the Los Angeles Lakers superstar. Well, one NBA fan took to Twitter to make the comparison between LeBron and Kawhi, reminding all the things the Klaw did to land in the Clippers and what he can do next trying to move the pieces around him.

“Kawhi asked the Lakers for a private jet to sign, went to the Clippers after being denied, demanded them to trade for Paul George before he agreed to go, then “okays” a trade to send George to Houston after just one season for Westbrook. Thought Bron was the GM?” Gary Sheffield wrote.

Of course, some fans weren’t having any of that while others agreed with Sheffield. This tweet drew mixed reactions and the NBA community showed their passion to discuss these topics.

It’s not clear that Leonard actually asked for all this stuff and not his uncle Dennis, but rumors don’t come from nowhere. Kawhi can still ship George this season after a disappointing season in Los Angeles. Only time will tell what’s going to happen with the Clips, who are ready to enter an entertaining offseason.