The 2017 draft class is getting paid after a moved weekend around the NBA. This free agency isn’t full of big names but some players had the chance to sign big contract extensions and some of the best players of the 2017 draft class signed some juicy contracts in recent hours.

It all started on Friday, when De’Aaron Fox (5th overall pick in 2017) became the first one to ink a new deal with his team, the Sacramento Kings, with $163 million guaranteed for five years. With all the clauses included, Fox could earn $195.6 million over that span.

He was followed by Donovan Mitchell, the 13th overall pick of that draft, who signed a similar contract to Fox. He has $163 million guaranteed for five years but if he meets the All-NBA criteria for the upcoming season, he could get $195 million from the Utah Jazz.

Jayson Tatum (3rd overall pick), so far the best player of his class, also penned a good deal with the Boston Celtics. He got the full designated contract extension that will pay him $195 million over five years. With the NBA incentives, he could earn $200 million in five years.

These guys are still young and have to prove that they can win in the NBA. Tatum appears to be the one with more chances to win but Fox and Mitchell have demonstrated their desire to win and if they get the right pieces around them, they would be a problem for the rest of the league.

The only certain thing now is that they got paid. Big time.