Gordon Hayward is set to join the Charlotte Hornets this offseason after spending the last three years with the Boston Celtics. Hayward had a tumultuous stint with the C’s and now is ready to take on a new challenge in Charlotte, trying to help the team being competitive in a challenging Eastern Conference.

Hayward, 30, has earned some big money during his career, making the most out of his chances. Martin Weiss of Fox Sports noted that Butler has made over $200 million after leaving the Utah Jazz as an All-Star player.

Back in 2017, he announced he was signing with the Boston Celtics for four years and a reported $128 million deal. His first game with the team was a disaster, as Hayward suffered a gruesome leg injury that made him miss that entire season.

Three years later, he’s leaving the Celtics amid controversies and ready to bring some value to the Hornets. He’s reportedly signing a 4-year, $120 million deal with Charlotte, making it $228 million after having played only one All-Star game. Of course, people expected more from him and this new deal his signing is seen as a total surprise for everybody except the Hornets’ front office.

Hayward is set to demonstrate he still gets it, although nobody believes he or the Hornets will have much to do next season. Something in favor of Hayward is that out of the 10 highest-paid free agents so far, he’s the only one with an All-Star appearance.