LaVar Ball has been very active in recent days, especially before the 2020 NBA draft where his younger son, LaMelo, was picked as the 3rd overall pick by the Charlotte Hornets. LaVar has become a very famous name around the league and he’s always taking advantage of that. The Ball family patriarch has spent some good time with Shannon Sharpe on his ‘Club Shay Shay’ show, leaving some good things for fans.

Ball recently picked Michael Jordan over LeBron James as the GOAT, but that wasn’t the only topic he touched with the former NFL tight-end. During the final moments of their interview, Sharpe asked LaVar to build the perfect NBA player and he delivered; while Sharpe name some characteristics of the game, Ball named the best player at them (1:11:00 mark).

Passing – Magic Johnson

Handles – Allen Iverson

Athleticism – LeBron James

Mentality – Michael Jordan

Strength – Shaquille O’Neal 

Clutchness – Michael Jordan

Speed – Allen Iverson

Shooting – Steph Curry

Contrary to what he used to do in the past, LaVar was more respectful doing this sort of list. Back in the day, he claimed he could beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1 and now things are a little different. Melo is playing for His Airness on the Charlotte Hornets and LaVar doesn’t want to mess things up. These were good selections if you ask me, and a player with all those attributes would be impossible to stop in today’s league.