Danny Ainge’s reputation as a GM has taken a couple of big hits in recent years given all the moves the former player has done, making some questionable decisions that hurt the team instead of benefiting them. In the past three years, they have had three different point guards and this offseason, they could have had fourth if they found a team willing to get Kemba Walker, who just landed in Boston last campaign.

Those kinds of decisions have affected his image in the league and Bill Simmons, a big Boston sports supporter, reflected on that, explaining that Ainge needs to change his procedure with the team and stop making crazy moves that damage everything for the Celtics. We saw that with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward and the C’s don’t want to get through that again. During a recent edition of his podcast, Simmons took some shots at Ainge.

“This is a real issue, Ainge has hit a point where the word is out. The fact that they were shopping Kemba this offseason, Isaiah played hurt for them and has never been the same. I know [putting him in that Kyrie deal] did not go over well around the league, I’ve had people tell me that.”

Simmons explained that Boston and Dallas are two teams that players are reluctant to join, with the Celtics being a team that has no loyalty for anybody and is willing to deal any player regardless of the things they’ve done for the organization. Proof of that is what they did to Thomas and the deal they made with the Brooklyn Nets to send Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and more to New York.

All those moves were made by Ainge, who surely has a very good thing right now, but not everybody is dreaming about playing with the Celtics in today’s league. That needs to change because the image of the team is getting ruined.