Dwight Howard is part of the Philadelphia 76ers now and he’s committed to helping his new team win a championship after plenty of years trying to reach the glory. He will serve as the backup of Joel Embiid, which is curious knowing how low Howard had Embiid while he was still with the Lakers.

Back in July, Howard made some big comments on Embiid, revealing his true feelings towards the Philadelphia 76ers big man and his behavior on the court. Dwight would say that Embiid’s flopping could make people wanting to choke him.

That has changed now, apparently. During his introductory press conference, Howard revealed that he saw Embiid crying after the 2019 elimination against the Toronto Raptors and he knows that Embiid is hungry to take his team to the top of the league at any cost.

Via The Inquirer:

“I believe that this is our year,” Howard said. “It’s been a long time since 1983 [when the Sixers last won an NBA title]. So I think it’s time that we hoist up another banner here in Philly.”

A lot of the Sixers’ success will depend on all-stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, the team’s cornerstones.

Howard saw Embiid cry after losing to the Toronto Raptors in Game 7 of Eastern Conference semifinals in 2019. He remembers the pain the center felt after giving everything he had.

Howard said it’s a pain that stays with a player for a long time. So he knows Embiid has a fire inside him.

This upcoming season is about being focused. Howard sees focus in Embiid and Simmons.

“That’s where it starts, with our two best players,” Howard said. “And then you look at the rest of the guys on the team. They’ve all been hungry. They just never knew how to win.”

He has changed his stance on Embiid very quickly and that could help the Sixers meet their expectations and surpass them this upcoming campaign. Howard learned how to win in Los Angeles and the Sixers have a 3x NBA champion in Danny Green, too, so Embiid and Simmons will have the support they need to compete in the complicated Eastern Conference this upcoming season.

Things have changed a lot for the Sixers in the last couple of months and now they’re ready to bounce back and try to make a run to the NBA Finals.