The NBA is so focused on offense right now that most people tend to forget there are more aspects of the game. Yes, we have seen great players doing some incredible things on the offensive end of the ball but that’s not everything you can find in the league.

NBA legend Charles Barkley explains scoring is not the only way you can use to win a game. Sure, scoring matters, a lot, but you can use more tools to unlock games, win series and championships.

While talking about the Portland Trail Blazers and their additions via draft and free agency, Barkley specifically talked about Enes Kanter, wondering why teams traded him when he was so talented. He then told a story of when somebody tries to dismiss defense and rebounding in the NBA.

“I remember there was this idiot in the NBA told me a few years ago… One of my favorite players is Tyson Chandler. This is when you meet guys that don’t know anything about basketball. This guy says to me, ‘I don’t like Tyson Chandler and I’m like why? They’re like all he does is play defense and rebounding.’ I said you know those are like two most important parts of the game?’ I mean, Tyson Chandler has been a great player for a long time, one of my favorite people. Enes Kanter’s like ‘he doesn’t play defense’ but I tell you what, he can score and rebound like a mother… If you get me a guy that can score and rebound like that, he can play on my team any time.”

Right now everybody wants to be James Harden or Kyrie Irving or Stephen Curry, focusing only on scoring and nothing else. Basketball is more than that, it is about fundamentals, defense, passing the ball, rebounding and doing the famous ‘intangibles’ that can make a team win it all.

Not everybody is willing to do that and not everybody knows the value of that; no wonder so many people think like that ‘idiot’ Charles mentioned.