After Nate Robinson and Jake Paul fought, the NBA community started wondering what was next for the winner, Paul, and who should he fight next if he wanted to keep facing NBA players in the ring. He was asked if he’d fight LeBron James and Jake was quick to shut down that possibility. However, more names were dropped to the mix by NBA fans and even other players.

Evan Turner showed his desire to go against Paul, others said he should go against James Johnson but the best name that came to mind was Metta World Peace, one of the most controversial NBA players in the last 20 years. Metta was known for his ‘unique’ style of play and the rudeness he used against his opponents, which earned him a lot of hate around the league.

Metta sent a now-deleted tweet to call out Paul, picking a different ground to go against the Youtuber, taking the game to his field.

“hey @jakepaul , I see you in the ring calling out ballers. Let’s see you on the court. Me. You. 1v1.”

Moreover, World Peace reacted to Donovan Mitchell’s idea to see him going against Paul, but he named a number of restrictions to accept the hypothetical fight.

Credit: NBA Buzz

It’s unclear how this thing will develop, but Metta seems to be willing to do it as long it takes place on the basketball court or Paul agrees to his demands.