Marc Gasol has landed in the Los Angeles Lakers after weeks of speculation regarding his future in the NBA. Gasol emulates what his brother Pau did and now is set to win a title with the franchise, as Pau also did.

This was a great move by the Lakers but there was more behind that, which makes this signing even more meaningful for the team and their new player. A couple of years ago, Marc Gasol and Kobe Bryant exchanged a couple of words and Kobe made an interesting request to the Spanish player.

While both were in a bar, Kobe approached Marc, they shook hands and the Lakers legend congratulated him. On his way out, Kobe told Gasol that he had to go play for the Lakers eventually.

“Hang in there for a couple of years. Then come over to us,” Bryant said.

Gasol just replied ‘all right’ while he laughed. Well, now we know that he listed to Kobe and now is part of the Lakers, who are ready to win back-to-back titles after signing big names like Marc Gasol.

This was a great gesture and is one of those stories that makes you think how crazy and surprising this world is.