Larry Bird and Stephen Curry have something in common: they’re great shooters. Bird did absolutely everything with the Boston Celtics, was very athletic (even though he didn’t look like that) but his biggest talent was shooting the ball. Bird made shooting art and he was so confident in his 3-point shooting that once asked his rivals who was coming in second before a 3-point contest.

Bird was really that great and Steph isn’t anything less. The Golden State Warriors superstar is widely-considered the greatest shooter of all time and he’s confirmed that season after season with the Dubs. Steph and his range have become a very famous story in the NBA in recent years and he’s ready to keep things that way when he returns this upcoming season.

Legendary head coach George Karl gave his two pennies on this matter, revealing who he thinks is the better shooter between Bird and Curry. Karl stated that Bird is the greatest spot-up shooter while Steph was unmatched shooting off the dribble. He dropped a very good question on Twitter, asking people who is the best overall shooter of all time.

The two names that he mentioned have a very good case to be considered the best overall shooter, but we saw more impressive names throughout history. Klay Thompson, Ray Allen, Reggie Miller and more are part of the elite, but to pick only one among them is the hardest part of the job.