Nikola Jokic has made it clear that he’s not impressed with the Los Angeles Lakers offseason and all the signings they made. The Denver Nuggets did a very good job, too, but it’s not like they improved their level as the Lakers did. The Serbian big man had some interesting things to say about the Lakers and their city neighbors Clippers, the team that the Nuggets eliminated from the playoffs last season.

Talking with reporters on Thursday, Jokic revealed that he’s not interested in any other team that it wasn’t his, making it clear that he doesn’t care that much about the Lakers.

“To be honest I don’t care about the Lakers. They will be good obviously,” Jokic explained.

Moreover, he praised his team for the good job they did last season and expressed his true feelings about the whole narrative that the Clippers blew a 3-1 lead and the Nuggets just took advantage of that.

“Even now they are talking about how the Clippers lost, not how we won.”

“Just because someone doesn’t give us respect doesn’t mean we listen to their opinions. We know how good we are.”

The Nuggets not only return from a 3-1 deficit during the bubble. They did it twice, against the Jazz in the first round and then against the Clippers. They never stopped fighting and that’s what allowed them to reach the Western Conference Finals, not that two teams couldn’t keep it together in the playoffs.

Jokic knows the Nuggets get better season after season and the additions they made this offseason are going to bring a lot of benefits for them. People seem to be sleeping on this team with the Lakers, Clippers and Warriors having moved offseasons. Nevertheless, Jokic is confident they can do a great job and go toe to toe against anybody in the league.