Scottie Pippen was caught shooting his shot with an Instagram model and the girl tried to expose him. The Chicago Bulls legend isn’t one player that’s caught doing this stuff very often so this came as a total surprise. However, knowing that Scottie isn’t a person that is easily involved in controversies, it was a shock that this girl tried to put some dirt on his name by only one emoji.

“he better no start this sh*t,” the girl wrote along with a screenshot of Pippen commenting on one of her pics.

Well, nobody was having that, and not even Larsa Pippen, Scottie’s ex-wife, could stay quiet and called out the girl for posting something that could have been just ignored and nothing else.

“Lame af why you post it u could have just ignored it,” Larsa commented, making it clear that she wasn’t happy with the procedure off ‘Adrianna’, the model in question.

After that, the girl realized that that move was a bad one and plenty of people were actually defending Scottie instead of attacking him.

In the end, she didn’t have more remedy than to make her Instagram private, preventing all the curious to go see her activities and attack her for actions against the Chicago Bulls icon.

Larsa has been under fire recently, too, after a series of picture of her holding hands with Malik Beasley surfaced. She has defend herself from attacks but NBA fans are ruthless.