Boban Marjanovic has created a deep bond with Luka Doncic on the Dallas Mavericks, becoming great friends on and off the court. They have a great relationship, are always having fun and their connection on the court is very good, too. Recently, Boban was asked about their relationship and he had the best response to that question.

The 7-footer is one of the most beloved players around the league and Luka is part of the people that have nothing but love for his teammate and their way to show that is, as Boban said, “dumb. On Saturday, after a practice session, Marjanovic said:

“We’re like Dumb and Dumber. You guys can guess who’s who. It’s a joke on the side. We have so much fun together.”

Boban and the Mavericks are ready to start a new season with fresh expectations. Luka enchanted everybody last season with his game and he’s expected to take it to the next level. Doncic can play at MVP-level this season and see how deep he can take his team to compete in the postseason. The Slovenian point guard is one of the most talented players in the league and one of the future faces of the competition.

He really enjoys playing basketball and having fun with his friend Boban and it really shows.

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