(via Sports Illustrated)

Last night was the final preseason game for the Memphis Grizzlies and the Atlanta Hawks. Roughly a minute and 30 seconds into the second half Grayson Allen was shoved while driving to the rim by Trae Young.

After the foul Grizzlies teammate, Dillon Brooks rushed to Grayson’s defense and got into it with Trae Young. Grayson walked away from Brooks and Young, Trae got hit with a technical foul after tension defused.

Like all NBA scuffles, Twitter was quick to react, getting both players trending.

Grayson Allen has a reputation for playing dirty both in his time at Duke and in the NBA. Some were quick to assume guilt purely from Allen’s past.

Apparently, there has been a history of both players getting into it with each other.

 While Allen received the majority of hate, others took to clowning both players.

Sadly, due to the Grizzlies and Hawks being in separate conferences, we won’t get to see these two players match up nearly as much as we would like. The Hawks play the Grizzlies again on December 26th.

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