Gilbert Arenas has demonstrated he has a good eye to scout players and discover their flaws and strengths. He was a great player while he was in the league and had the chance to learn a lot about the game.

Now that he’s out, Gilbert is always giving his takes on NBA-related matters and talking about the new players in the association. That’s why LeBron James asked him to assess his eldest son, Bronny James, who is expected to be great in the league.

During recent participation on the “Load Management” podcast, Arenas revealed what he told LeBron and the curious response LeBron gave him to his “report” of Bronny. Gilbert saw a lot of similarities between the players but Bronny has a key advantage over his father.

“‘He’s you. From what I can tell right now, he probably has a better shot than you did. Dribbles better than you. You guys probably have the same passing ability. You are probably faster, taller. He probably jumps higher.’ And he said ‘Dead on!’”

“And I said, ‘The difference between you and him at this point is you needed basketball to get out of where you were getting out of. He doesn’t need basketball because you did it already.’”

LeBron has become a complete legend in the NBA. He’s left a huge mark on the game and he’s not even done. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar worked hard to fulfill his dreams and give his kids a better life than the one he had growing up.

The King has exceeded the expectations both on and off the court and has paved the way for his kids to make it to the league, too. Bronny is expected to enter the NBA draft in three years and Bron is planning to play with him in the league. It’s still three years away but fans are ready to see him making history once again.