Charles Barkley found himself as the subject of jokes once again when he mightily failed at the “Who he play for?” game on Inside the NBA. Chuck has become one of the most famous NBA analysts in recent times and one would imagine he would remember where most NBA players play.

However, Chuck still has a lot of work to do as he recently had a very difficult time trying to guess where five players play in the association. There are over 400 players in the league and there are always movements between teams so sometimes it could be hard for people to remember where somebody plays.

When asked where Solomon Hill, Ed Davis, James Johnson, Alfonzo McKinnie and Garrett Temple play, Chuck had no clue and he went 0 for 5 in this game, starring in a very odd and cringe moment.

After going 0 for 5, Chuck tried to justify himself saying not everybody would be able to recognize all those players and where they play. Ernie Johnson had the perfect response to that and Chuck was speechless after their little exchange.

Barkley: “A regular guy on the street ain’t going to know those guys.”

Ernie: “But maybe an NBA analyst on Inside the NBA might.”

Chuck is paid big money to be talking about the NBA and forgetting about where certain players play is kind of weird. The good thing is that he has good co-hosts that will call him out wherever he fails at something.