(via Heat Nation)

Bradley Beal is one of the top tier shooting guards in the NBA. He is a bonafide scorer who averaged 30.5 PPG last year and is looking to have a similar scoring impact this season. Despite Bradley Beal getting a ton of points, the Wizards have not been able to win that much, currently sitting at a 2-6 record in the 13th seed in the Eastern Conference. The rest of the team needs to help Beal if they want to make the playoffs.

In a recent loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, Bradley Beal tallied a ridiculous 60 points. He was efficient, and it seemed like he couldn’t miss. However, despite setting a new individual record, Beal wasn’t happy with losing.

Beal is right to be frustrated. Many times he is the sole scoring option on the team, and he needs some other players to step up and take some of the load off of him. The Wizards have been extremely inconsistent, despite having a high ceiling. Losing sucks for the whole team, and it’s hard to focus on your individual accolades when you’re busy trying to get out of a rut and make the playoffs.

Hopefully, Bradley Beal and the Wizards can bounce back and make the playoffs. Rui Hachimura is looking promising as well. If all the pieces on the Wizards gel together, they might easily make a run and put themselves in a playoff position.