The NBA is having a very unique season with all the external factors, especially the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has made life a lot harder for plenty of people around the world. The association hasn’t been the exception. Right now they’re playing under certain conditions that haven’t made things easy for players.

Of course, it’s all to protect them and their loved ones, but some players don’t seem to be happy with the situation. George Hill recently spoke about this whole situation, criticizing the league and its rules this campaign. Damian Lillard also spoke about it, revealing that he feels trapped with all these rules and the things he has to avoid doing in order to remain virus-free this season.

“I feel like I’m living my life in a box, I’ll go to practice, I go back home. I don’t go anywhere else. I can’t go to dinner, go to a movie or hang out with my family cause my family members they have lives. I live on my phone cause I can’t interact with people in person basically.”

Lillard knows this needs to be done but it’s hard to get used to this whole thing. The league has tried to make everybody safe but after a recent spike in positive cases, they have decided to tighten the rules, making it harder for players to have a normal life, even on the court.