Credit: Getty Images

Dennis Schroder is having a great season with the Lakers after spending the last two years with the Oklahoma City Thunder. The point guard has been a great addition to the purple and gold and he’s not stopping there. Schroder knows he can do big things with this team and he won’t miss that opportunity.

Schroder recently talked about his first impressions with the Lakers and how well he’s meshed with the rest of the team. The German player seems to be playing with his team for a long time now, having good chemistry with the rest of the team. Talking about the chemistry of the team, Schroder couldn’t help his excitement with the team and all the good things they’ve done so far.

“It’s amazing. That’s the reason why I think I want to be here long-term, but like I said before, it’s got to be fair on both ends. If it’s fair, then, I ain’t got no problems. It’s gonna be great to be here long-term, for sure.”

Schroder is ready to make a big impact on the Lakers and help the team repeat as NBA champions. They have a really good team and Schroder will play a key role in their success this season. He has been doing great things in the past couple of seasons and now it’s time to take things to the next level.