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James Harden’s tenure with the Houston Rockets seems to be nearing his imminent end after the player finally confirmed he’s done with the team and wants out of an unsalvageable situation. The Beard asked for a trade at the start of the offseason and ever since that moment, things have gone downhill for him and his team.

He’s been playing for the Rockets but Harden is different, he’s not the same he used to be and that could be a message for the Rockets. He looked very excited to compete with his team but something happened and everything changed. What happened? The Los Angeles Lakers.

Harden was ready to compete with the purple and gold in back-to-back games but after the matches were finished, the Beard wasn’t there anymore. He wants to leave his team and there is nothing they can do to change his mind.

Silver Screen & Roll‘s Twitter account shared a couple of pics to describe how the Lakers “affected” James Harden and his stance on staying or leaving the Rockets. It was in a fun way, but it makes you think that perhaps he tested his team against the current champions and the Rockets definitely failed.

Before playing the Lakers
After playing the Lakers

To be fair, nobody can do anything against the Lakers right now, so the Rockets shouldn’t feel that bad about it. Well, it seems like Harden has made up his mind and not even John Wall’s comments on it will make it change it. He wants out and the Rockets need to solve this situation before it gets worse.