LeBron James made a huge play on Tuesday night, when his Los Angeles Lakers beat the Houston Rockets, 117-100 as visitors. The Californians won a great game that saw LeBron trying a no-look three to win a bet he made with teammate Dennis Schroder. When the Lakers had a big advantage over their rivals, Bron went for it and he nailed a corner 3-pointer.

It was great and the reaction from the bench made everybody think that play had a background. Well, it was exactly like that. James revealed after the game that he bet with Schroder to see if he could make that three and he did it. Moreover, he talked about the no-look threes in general, mentioning Stephen Curry and his talent to make those shots like they’re a normal three.

The Golden State Warriors superstar has made that one of his marks and LeBron reminded that during his intervention with the media.

“Well, Steph has probably done it the most in the league. When you shot the ball as beautiful and effortlessly, and precisely as Steph does, he has the ultimate green light to do that. Because 10 times out of 9, it’s going in for Steph.”

James proved that he can make those shots, though, but he won’t be trying as much as Curry does. The Lakers are so comfortable on the court that they can afford to make these plays and that should be scary for the rest of the league.