(via Space City Scoop)

The James Harden trade situation has been playing out for weeks now. And while Harden’s wish has finally been granted, thanks to the Nets finally pulling the trigger, this isn’t going to be something people forget quickly.

On Twitter, fans have responded with jokes and names, one of which went viral…

The joke stems from pictures of Harden that surfaced earlier in the season, which featured him looking pretty out of shape.

Before the start of the 2021 campaign, Harden went AWOL to attend strip clubs and have some fun on the town. Once the season began, he never really gave his team a chance, instead choosing to go through the motions until he finally gave up once and for all earlier this week.

In Brooklyn, the star shooting guard will have a fresh start and the best opportunity to win. If he plays up to his maximum potential, the rewards could be astronomical.

No doubt, this is everything Harden has been wanting for these past few weeks. The question is, how much work will he put in to ensure things don’t end in disaster?