(Randy Vazquez / Bay Area News Group)

Stephen Curry is an elite point guard that changed the point guard position. He showed that you can win by shooting plenty form beyond the arc, changing the NBA forever. Stephen Curry is one of the greatest point guards of all time, and a huge part of that is to do with his scoring.

Recently a former teammate, Andrew Bogut, spoke about Stephen Curry’s ability to score. He talked about how Stephen Curry knew exactly when to score baskets in rapid succession. Stephen Curry’s strength is that he is an all-around point guard who knows when to pass and when to score. The segment starts at 29:00.

Once he [Stephen Curry] realized that ‘hey some of these role players that are helping me’

If I can get them going early, if Andre Iguodala hits a three, Bogut gets a dunk, David Lee gets a finger roll, and I get everyone involved, without being overly trying to get them involved cause there’s a difference, but still being aggressive.

Steph knew that he’d have a 3-4 minute block that once everyone else has hit a shot and flattened out that defense and made it a bit more honest, he’d have a three-minute block where he would score 16 points.Once Steph figured that out it was over for the league… bang you look up and he’s got 6 points, 5 minutes later he’s got 21.

Stephen Curry is a dazzling player that knows how to make the right decision. Curry’s scoring is amazing, and it is all rooted in his ability to sacrifice for his teammates and play off-ball. There is no superstar quite like Stephen Curry, and we’re all lucky to see him play.

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