Credit: AP

LeBron James and his Los Angeles Lakers know they are the team to beat in the NBA this season and so far they’ve done a great job defending their title, ranking 1st in the Western Conference led by The King and Anthony Davis, although they’ve suffered a couple of rough losses in the process.

On Martin Luther King Jr. day, they lost against the Golden State Warriors, blowing a 19-point lead in the second half of the match. James had the chance to beat the Dubs in the last play of the game but he failed a 3-point attempt over Draymond Green. It was a 115-113 win for the Warriors, who keep surprising people around the NBA.

After that, some people started to make fun of LeBron and NBA analyst Skip Bayless wasn’t the exception. He is the most famous LeBron James hater in the world and he didn’t miss the chance to call out the King and his displays during the first 15 games of the season. Skip talked about LeBron’s inability to close out the games, which has cost some wins to the Lakers.

“LeBron James has become an early season 4th quarter disaster… He’s never been this bad… Team still does not have a closer. Team is really good and fire-powerful, and if it jumps out on you, and buries you, you’re mostly buried. But if you can hang in, and get this game down to the last 4-5 minutes close, you got a real shot,” Bayless said, as transcribed by Sourabh Singh of Essentially Sports.

“In 15 games, LeBron James is shooting 36% from the floor in the 4th quarter. He’s at 50% career shooter for four quarters from the floor. From three in the 4th quarter, he is 26%. His field goal shooting ranks 203rd in the NBA in the 4th quarter and his three-point shooting ranks 146 in the fourth quarter. That’s just not LeBron James.”

This is something LeBron needs to work on. The Lakers lost against the Warriors and even though James claimed some decisions affected the Lakers, there are some things that he and his team need to improve. They’re still favorites to win it all this season, but if these little details don’t get better, they could have more problems than expected in the postseason.