(via CBS Sports)

Every year, the NBA’s 30 teams get ranked by their value, and it usually shows pretty similar results. Teams residing in New York, California, and Texas, are always usually the most valuable in professional sports.

This year, while those trends still exist, there are a few surprises that have some people scratching their heads in confusion. Here’s the list (Top 10) by Sportico:

1) New York Knicks – $5.42 billion
2) Golden State Warriors – $5.21 billion
3) Los Angeles Lakers – $5.14 billion
4) Brooklyn Nets – $3.40 billion
5) Boston Celtics – $3.18 billion
6) Chicago Bulls – $3.14 billion
7) Houston Rockets – $2.77 billion
8) LA Clippers – $2.63 billion
9) Dallas Mavericks – $2.58 billion
10) Toronto Raptors – $2.55 billion

The New York Knicks are number one, and that’s not really surprising anyone. At number two, though, the Warriors have the L.A. Lakers beat by a margin of about $7 million. Considering the worldwide fame of the Lakers, and the fact that they’re coming off an NBA Championship, one would think that they’d be worth more than the Warriors, who have struggled to stay relevant in the standings since their 2019 Finals appearance.

Another surprising listing is the Clippers at no. 8. Despite residing in a market as big as Los Angeles, they fall behind the Celtics, Bulls, and Rockets.

Of course, as the value of these teams continues to go up, the margins between each team grows wider. But this ranking shows what might be a permanent and rising trend for the Warriors and Clippers, whose legacies have been dramatically impacted over the past few years.