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The NBA has enjoyed years of success and upward trends in popularity and viewership. Thanks to the fast-paced nature of the sport as well as a network and marketing scheme that extends all over the globe, there are few sports that are as far-reaching.

In fact, according to stats from Sportsshow, basketball is earth’s third most popular sport with roughly 2.2 billion fans — falling just under f00tball and cricket.


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The comments were blazing with reactions from fans…

Despite sports like baseball, boxing, and football being super popular in the United States, they aren’t nearly as relevant in other countries around the globe.

Countries like China and India are huge fans of Cricket and Field Hockey, which explains why they rank so high on the list.

As for basketball, it seems the NBA’s attempts to grow and expand the sport have really taken off. With an increasing number of players coming from outside U.S. borders, it seems like the trend isn’t something that is going to change any time soon, even with the impact of COVID-19.

Unfortunately, NBA ratings have tanked pretty recently, no doubt because of all the political and safety issues arising in our time.

But the prognosis is still very positive for the league and for the sport itself.

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