One of the favorites activities for the NBA community is creating memes and they can deliver some of the best whenever a player gets traded, gets dunked on, say something questionable, and more. Moreover, in recent days they’ve taken things to the next level, bringing one of the hottest memes to the league, remembering some big moments in NBA history.

On Wednesday’s inauguration day, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders found himself as the star of a new meme when he was patiently waiting for the whole event to start, he was spotted sitting on a chair, which instantly became a meme. Everybody has meme’d Sanders and the NBA joined that trend.

It didn’t take long for fans to put together some good pictures placing the senator at historical moments of the league, which makes it a lot funnier.

This isn’t news for Sanders or the NBA community, which really knows how to milk a meme. We saw some great pieces and that won’t be the end of it. It’s been two days and this trend isn’t finishing yet nor it has reached its peak just yet.