Tom Brady is ready to go at it next February 6 for the Super Bowl LV in a duel that promises a lot of emotions for fans. This is a generational duel between the player that is considered the NFL GOAT and one that is already having a terrific career and can become the GOAT in a couple of years from now.

This duel will bring a lot of attention, especially with all the factors involved there and one NFL analyst made the best comparison to the NBA. Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo drew a big comparison for this Brady-Mahomes matchup.

He said it was like watching Michael Jordan going against LeBron James in the Finals and there is no better description for this game than this.

Imagine how great it would have been to see MJ facing James in the NBA, with both players playing at a great level. That is how people perceive this game between Brady and Mahomes.

We’ll have to wait two weeks to know who will win this game and the NFL championship but people are already seasoning things for these two. Brady is leading his Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Super Bowl in his first season with the team while Mahomes is going to his second straight SB after beating the San Francisco 49ers last year.

This game promises a lot of emotions and with these two leading their squads, we’re about to see the ultimate matchup. We never got to see James facing his idol Jordan on the pitch, but that would have been awesome. They have been compared plenty of times, they had very similar careers, won important things at age 35 but time didn’t allow fans to see them on the NBA court at the same time.