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Russell Westbrook hasn’t had the best start with the Washington Wizards this season. After spending one single season with the Houston Rockets, where he didn’t click with James Harden, Brodie asked for a trade and the Wizards pulled the trigger, sending John Wall to H-Town.

Westbrook is having a rocky start as the Wizards have only won 3 games in 13 matches this campaign. When Brodie plays, they are 1-8 and 2-2 when he doesn’t take the court with his teammates. The 2017 NBA MVP wants to make him and his team better but the Wizards can’t win this season.

After Tuesday’s match, where Westbrook starred in a heated moment with John Wall, he received a lot of criticism, and Brodie was well aware of that. He was spotted liking a post of ESPN detailing how many points he’s scored this season, 163, which is exactly the same number of shots he’s attempted with the Wizards.

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Fans reacted to it and while some defended Westbrook, others claimed he was done and he can’t get any better at this point in his career.

Westbrook is one of the most athletic players the NBA has seen but after he left the Oklahoma City Thunder, he’s struggled to find his touch. This year he was expected to be better with the Wizards but none of that has happened so far. He’s still having great nights individually speaking but his team is the worst-ranked in the East and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.

Perhaps this will serve as motivation for Russ but it remains to be seen how much he can change for his team in the next couple of games.