Credit: Getty Images

Stephen Curry continues to establish himself as one of the most prolific scorers in basketball history. He’s already considered the greatest shooter of all time and, even if his haters may not like to admit it, he’s become the most influential player of his generation.

For better or worse, Steph has changed the way the game is played. Children are pulling up from 30+ feet to try and emulate what he’s been able to do in the league. That may not be ideal for old-school fans, but it is what it is.

Gladly for him, he’s already gotten a lot of praise and recognition from the people who matter the most: his colleagues, who often take his hat off to him after his usual amazing performances.

The most recent NBA player to laud the Golden State Warriors’ superstar was no other than Dwyane Wade, who took to Twitter to say that he could watch him play forever after his 38-point explosion vs. the Boston Celtics last night:

“I can watch Steph play everyday!” The Flash tweeted.

With his 38 points, Stephen Curry became just the second player in Golden State Warriors history – along with Wilt Chamberlain – to ever score 17,000+ points with the franchise. Fortunately, it seems like there will be many more to come, as he showed no signs of slowing down whatsoever.

The new-look Warriors are still a work in progress and it’s clear that they’ll only go as far as Curry can get them. Then again, the supporting cast and role players must also step up if they want to make the playoffs again, as they’ve left a lot to be desired throughout the first passage of the season. He’s great, but he can’t win on his own. No one can.


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