(via Blog de Basket)

Patrick Beverley has been subject to a lot of criticism from NBA fans in recent years. He is a good defender, no doubt about, a very important piece for the Los Angeles Lakers but sometimes his mouth is bigger than him and that has earned him a lot of bad comments.

Well, recently people found out that he’s not only a trash talker but he can ball, too. A graphic recently showed how great Bev was in his senior year of high school, surprising a lot of people with his numbers. Pat even recorded 37.3 points and the incredible number of 8 steals per contest, shocking a lot of fans who didn’t remember or only knew Beverley as that guy who talks a lot.

As somebody said, this dude might not be the biggest player in the NBA but against regular people, he would easily dominate. Beverley plays on a team with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George; he played with James Harden so he didn’t have to showcase his offensive skills, which were a lot during his high school years.

This shows how talented you have to be to enter the NBA, how good you have to play and Bev has done that. He’s known as a defensive force now but there is no doubt this man was the real deal as a teenager.

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