A lot has been said about Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and the GOAT debate but every player has had a different opinion over the years. The Chicago Bulls legend was considered the greatest to ever do it until this kid from Akron, Ohio, appeared and everybody around the league started wondering if he was actually a rightful successor for His Airness.

Right now the debate is hotter than ever, with some people making the case for their favorite players every day. Even though a lot of people believe LeBron is the greatest player of all time, Jordan keeps leading the vote from the vast majority of fans. Something that they can use in their favor is one thing LeBron said in 2012, celebrating MJ’s birthday, the young King expressed that he believed His Airness was the GOAT.

“Happy B-day to the person I idolized and wanna to be just like as a kid playing the game of basketball Michael Jordan. #TheG.O.A.T.” The then Miami Heat star published on his Twitter.

At that time, Bron was still ringless; he would go to win his first NBA championship against the Oklahoma City Thunder later that year. Right now he has four titles and a big case for the GOAT status, but a lot of people believe the Chicago Bulls legend is the best player to ever step foot on an NBA court.

The King is ready to increase his legend in the league but not everybody is convinced he can top Jordan in the future. If you take a look at their accolades, Jordan still leads LeBron. They are separated by Kevin Durant’s career and even though James keeps playing at a high level, the man seems to be unable to catch up with the 6x NBA champion.

They have had similar careers, as rookies, and even as veterans, recording big seasons as 35-year-old stars, demonstrating they are the two greatest players of all time.

Even though he said after the 2016 NBA Finals that his win over the Golden State Warriors made him the greatest player of all time, that’s questionable.

The GOAT debate is still going around the league and the fans can’t seem to agree on who is the best of the best. We have to appreciate greatness just like LeBron and Jordan have said in recent times, asking players to just enjoy what they did and do now and stop engaging in pointless fights.

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