Michael Jordan celebrated his 58th birthday on Wednesday, receiving a lot of congratulations during his special day. The Chicago Bulls legend remains present in the mind of every basketball fan and even though he’s not an avid social media user, His Airness is still one of the famous athletes in the world and nothing seems to be changing that.

Among all the congratulations he received, the Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeanie Buss sent him a very interesting one, giving some flowers to the Charlotte Hornets owner and his physics, claiming he looks better by the years.

“Happy Birthday to my co-founder of Cincoro Tequila, Michael Jordan!! How do you keep getting hotter?? @Cincoro” Buss wrote on her Twitter.

MJ and Jeanie recently teamed up to launch their Tequila company alongside other NBA owners. They have developed a very good relationship in the past couple of years and JB didn’t hesitate to somehow shoot her shot with Jordan.

Of course, this was a joke but you have to admit MJ doesn’t look like he’s reaching his 60s. He’s remained young and in relatively good shape and Jeanie can tell that.

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