The criteria for getting into the NBA’s Hall of Fame is murky, at best. While some, like LeBron, Durant, Steph Curry, are easy locks to make it, other, less notable players still have a chance.

At age 25, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas certainly looked like one of those who would be a lock. Unfortunately, his career took a dark turn, and his chances of earning HOF recognition at this point are pretty low.

In a chat with Richard Jefferson on Instagram Live, Arenas’ Hall-of-Fame status became a topic of conversation and, funny enough, RJ bluntly joked that he’d “never, ever” make it.

“I’m not saying you don’t have a chance, I’m just saying that you’re never ever getting into the Hall of Fame.”

Of course, they also joked how they both have a “chance.”

Arenas was a super talented player in his prime, but it just doesn’t seem like he did enough over his career to qualify for placement in the Hall of Fame.

As an honor that was intended to be reserved for basketball’s top players only, many believe the qualifications are already too low as it is.

Needless to say, it doesn’t seem like Arenas has any hard feelings about it. He did his thing and there’s no changing history now. All he, or anyone, can do is just laugh about it.

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