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Regardless of how good the Philadelphia 76ers are playing this season, Ben Simmons is still subject to a lot of criticism from fans. The Australian player is doing everything he can to help his team and maximize Joel Embiid’s production, not everybody is happy with the player’s performances this campaign.

Every member of the franchise, including Joel Embiid, has defended the point guard, explaining that his contribution to the team goes beyond scoring 25, 30 points per night. GM Daryl Morey joined the Mike Missanelli Show Thursday to talk about a variety of topics, including Simmons’ struggles this campaign. The former Houston Rockets executive came in defense of the young player, stating that Simmons should stick to what he does right now and not listen to what fans are saying about his jump shot.

“… The reality is if Ben was on a different team, where everyone on the floor was a shooter in space, that would be optimal for Ben, but it wouldn’t be optimal for … his chances to win a title,” Morey said, via NBC Sports. “But that’s why people see these glimpses from Ben, it’s when everything around him is optimized. … He’s just an extremely talented player on both ends; that’s just a treasure to have. The focus on the things he can’t do is pretty maddening, personally, to me. When I had Yao Ming in Houston, there wasn’t like a million people saying, ‘He should be able to do this and this,’ they just sort of appreciated Yao Ming for what he was.”

Morey explained that even if Simmons developed a jumper, the Sixers have more options to score than him making threes or mid-range shots. They created a very good team in the offseason and Simmons doesn’t really have the need to go in the direction that fans want.

“You want, each time down the floor, for your most efficient options to happen,” Morey said. “Even if Ben was a very good 15-foot shooter, the only time that could be our optimum option is if it’s four or less on the shot clock. Otherwise, you might get a spot-up 3, you might get a Joel (Embiid) post-up, you might get a Tobias (Harris) drive to the hoop. There’s so many other options you’d pick before that, even if you had it.”

He has been great in the league and although a lot of fans like to troll him whenever they have the chance, Simmons has remained strong and secure of himself. A couple of weeks ago he revealed he doesn’t read or listen to the trolls and that won’t change knowing he has the support of his teammates and the people around him.

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