Michael Jordan was a very vocal man both on and off the court, destroying rivals with his trash-talking, using his charm with ladies, and even joking about his teammates. The Chicago Bulls legend was never afraid of speaking his mind and sometimes he delivered big comments.

Back in 1997, while he was playing with Dennis Rodman on the Chicago Bulls that won three titles from 1996 through 1998, MJ was a guest of The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he showed his funny side, the one that you couldn’t see on the court. At some point, the player talked about Rodman and the perception that fans had of him. Talking about sizes, weights, and more, MJ made a curious comment about Rodman’s real height and how he changed it on certain occasions (2:00 mark).

“Dennis is the best rebounder in the game. He’s about 6’6″, maybe 220 pounds, that’s his size. I mean, most people think he’s about 6’9″, 240-245. That’s when he’s wearing heels… Don’t tell him I said that,” Jordan said while Leno and the public were laughing.

MJ and Rodman won three championships together after being big rivals when the Worn was apart of the Detroit Pistons. Things worked out for these two and alongside Scottie Pippen, the Chicago Bulls had a terrific Big 3. They were very successful and even though they didn’t have the chance to keep competing as they wanted, Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman really left a mark on this team.

We saw during the airing of ‘The Last Dance’ that MJ’s relationship with Rodman was different; His Airness was the one who looked for Dennis while he took a little trip to Las Vegas during the season, on one of the craziest stories of those Bulls. They had different personalities but the same desire to win and that’s what drove them to be successful in the association.

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