Credit: Bay Area News Group

The Brooklyn Nets really went to Los Angeles and made the city theirs, at least for one night. The New Yorkers closed their West Coast trip on Sunday against the Los Angeles Clippers in a very entertaining match at the Staples Center. The Nets won the game, with controversy included, but the whole game had tense moments, even including sidelined players.

Kevin Durant had the chance to face Patrick Beverley, one of his biggest rivals on the court in recent years. These two took their feud to the next level in 2019 when the Warriors took down a surprising Clippers team that won two playoff games against the then reigning NBA champions.

It seems like KD didn’t forget how heated things were at that time and didn’t miss the chance to tell Bev to get out of the court after being fouled out, according to Marc J. Spears.

Bev had a very “entertaining game”, even going at it with former teammate James Harden during the first minutes of the match. The night didn’t get better for him and he was fouled out, the perfect moment for KD to blast him and ask him to leave the floor.

The Nets ended up winning the game, 112-108, with James Harden drawing a big foul from Kawhi Leonard that brought more controversy to the game. The Nets extended their winning streak to six games, leaving a mess behind them and the Clippers had a taste of that.

This was a game with a lot of condiments and it didn’t disappoint. It has great baskets, players yelling at each other, and a close scoreboard. But, the Nets had the last laugh and continue their good run in the NBA.