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Celtics GM and President Danny Ainge has always been viewed as one of the best in the business. Year after year, he makes moves that benefit his club, whether it’s improving the roster and acquiring some sort of draft asset.

But with the Celtics struggling to keep their head above the water this season, many are wondering why Ainge has remained silent and stagnant. In fact, if you go back over the last couple of years, Boston hasn’t made a mid-season deal in quite a long time.

In a chat with ESPN, NBA executives explained why:

(via ESPN)

“There comes a time where you have to do something to keep your stars placated and show that you’re trying, especially when they’re young and early in their primes,” the East executive said. “You have to make that commitment to them.”

That’s something Ainge has been reluctant to do in the past. The last time Boston acquired a player in an in-season trade was six years ago, when the team landed Isaiah Thomas from Phoenix. Only the San Antonio Spurs have a longer drought.

“They’ll only do something,” the West executive said, “if they think they’re going to bury you.”

Ainge seems to prefer a strategy of playing it safe. As other teams scramble to make last-ditch, mid-season efforts to improve their team, Boston usually stands PAT, choosing to wait for the offseason to overhaul their roster.

Needless to say, many fans are calling for that tradition to change. With the Celtics struggling, how long will AInge wait before making a move?

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