(via Bleacher Report)

Devin Booker’s ejection from Tuesday night’s match against the Lakers made headlines for not only being controversial but also for how the fans and (LeBron James) acted in the aftermath.

While much of the details are still murky, Twitter has been trying to piece it together all night…

We know that the ejection is the result of Book having received a pair of technicals in the second half. Initially, it was believed that Book said something completely outrageous, as video footage of LeBron James during the incident seemed to indicate as such.

In reality, the Suns star got flagged for pretty minor crimes — once for talking smack, and then again for what seems like passing the ball a little too hard at an official.

Needless to say, the situation is unworthy of having a great player like that thrown out, and fans expressed their anger with the situation.

The Suns did end up winning the game in the end, beating L.A. 114-104. But it’d be a lie to say the game wasn’t negatively impacted by Booker’s absence.

The refs clearly made the wrong call by having him thrown out of the game, and it’s not the first time something like that has happened. It’s becoming clear that the league is going to have to step in and establish some kind of accountability with the officiating, or else they might continue to suffer scrutiny from their audience.

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