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Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry is considered the greatest three-point shooter of All-Time by most of the NBA community. With amazing stats, a long list of highlight plays, and an impeccable resume, Curry is (undoubtedly) one of the best snipers the game has ever seen.

Even now, at 32-years-old, Curry is among the top players in the game.

But, according to FOX Sports’ Skip Bayless, he’s not as reliable as he may seem.

In a recent segment on UNDISPUTED, the basketball analyst explained why Curry isn’t living up to his own standards this season.

“Let’s look at LeBron’s starting lineup. Is Luka a shooter? No he’s a lousy shooter. Is Giannis a shooter? No, he can’t shoot a lick. Is LeBron James really a shooter? Is that what he does? No, I’ll give you just below average. So, let;s look harder at Steph’s year so far.

This year, he’s not been up to snuff as a shooter. His career average from three is 43% and he’s two percentage points lower at 41 — which, obviously, by human standards is still excellent. But, he’s not been Steph. He started off the year with 2-10 performances from three, he’s had a 1-10 night, he’s had a 1-11 night, and just the other night against Portland, he was 5-14. So, he’s been as cold as he has been hot this year.

Sometimes, on the biggest stages, Steh can go as cold as he can hot…. so, I don’t know if he’s a slam dunk teammate as a three-point shooter or as a scorer. He comes and goes as a shooter to me.”

(start at: 3:00)

Statistically, Curry isn’t shooting much worse than he has before. This season, he’s making about 5 threes a game on 41% shooting.

Of course, this season has seen a number of challenges for Steph, who is having to play without Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant this season.

No doubt, the dude is having to carry an extra-large load this campaign. But to question his abilities from beyond the arc might be going a bit too far, even for a guy as controversial as Skip Bayless.

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