There is no denying the amount of talent in the NBA right now. There are a host of superstar players in the NBA at the moment, and almost every team has at least one star player that can impact the game at a high level.

But it is incredible to recognize that there are countless superstar guards in the world right now, and there are 16 players who have an argument for making an All-NBA Team this season. Without further ado, here are the 16 players who have a legitimate shot of making one of the three All-NBA Teams.


Jaylen Brown

Jaylen Brown is an improved player this season, averaging career-highs in scoring. Brown is putting up 24.5 PPG for the Celtics and even made his first All-Star Team. Jaylen Brown is sharing the game with budding superstar Jayson Tatum, but that doesn’t mean he won’t have a shot at an All-NBA Team.


Paul George

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Paul George is a bonafide All-Star and has been for nearly a decade. George doesn’t get his just due, even though he is one of the best two-way players in the game. George is averaging 22.5 PPG and 6.3 RPG for the Clippers and has a shot to make at least the All-NBA Third Team this season if the Clippers get the best record in the West.


Zach LaVine

Zach LaVine made a huge jump in his play last season, but he has taken yet another jump this season. LaVine is averaging a career-high 27.9 PPG on 43.3% shooting from three and is carrying the Chicago Bulls this season. LaVine will be overjoyed that the Bulls stole Nikola Vucevic from the Magic because he will have a better team to make his case for an All-NBA Team with greater team success.


Ja Morant

Ja Morant is a superstar in the making and resembles Russell Westbrook in many areas. Morant is extremely athletic with hops and speed and is a natural playmaker with an improving offensive game. Morant is averaging 19.3 PPG and 7.5 APG this season and has a case for an All-NBA Team this year.


Trae Young

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Trae Young is one of the best offensive players in the NBA right now because no “little guard” can score and pass the ball at a level that he can. Young is averaging 25.7 PPG and 9.5 APG this season and made an All-Star Team as a member of the Atlanta Hawks. Young is a dominant offensive player and will have a clear case for an All-NBA Team.


Russell Westbrook

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This season, Russell Westbrook has one of the worst campaigns in his career, but still, he quietly averages a triple-double with 21.8 PPG, 10.1 RPG, and 10.5 APG. The biggest problem, though, is that the Wizards aren’t playing well, and even though they have Bradley Beal and Russ, they are 12th in the Eastern Conference.


Devin Booker

Devin Booker has taken a massive leap as a player, mainly thanks to his growth as a star and the acquisition of Hall of Fame point guard Chris Paul. Booker can be unstoppable at times and is putting up 24.9 PPG on 35.1% shooting from three. Booker is one of the best scorers in the NBA and has a legitimate shot for an All-NBA Team.


Ben Simmons

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Ben Simmons is a great playmaker as we have all come to expect, but his defense this season has been on a different level. Simmons is arguably the favorite for the Defensive Player of the Year due to his versatility at defending different positions, and his impact has shown with Philadelphia’s top ranking as the first seed in the East.


Bradley Beal

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Bradley Beal is the best scorer in the NBA and it isn’t close. No player has to carry the load that Beal carries, because no other player outside of Russell Westbrook can score on their own in Washington. Beal has been sensational, averaging 31.3 PPG on 33.8% shooting from three. If it wasn’t for the intense competition in the league right now, Beal would easily be on an All-NBA Team.


Chris Paul

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Chris Paul is a Hall of Fame point guard, and he has been the difference for the Phoenix Suns ranking second in the Western Conference. Nobody expected Phoenix to be this good, but Paul has made all the difference. There isn’t a better leader in the NBA than CP3, and his 16.0 PPG and 8.7 APG averages should earn him consideration for the All-NBA Team.


Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell is the best player on the best team in the Western Conference. That is often enough to earn an All-NBA Team selection automatically, but the amount of talent at the guard spot is ridiculous this season. Mitchell is putting up 25.9 PPG for the Jazz this season, who are one of the favorites for winning the NBA title this year.


Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is one of the best players in the NBA, and his scoring has been at a superstar level yet again. Irving is averaging 28.1 PPG this season for the Nets, and his ball-handling has been at his apex. The Brooklyn Nets are coming for the first seed in the East, and if they do, Irving has a legitimate shot for the All-NBA Team.


Luka Doncic

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Luka Doncic is a transcendent talent because he is already one of the world’s best players at only 21 years old. Doncic is a triple-double threat averaging 28.6 PPG, 8.3 RPG, and 9.1 APG for the Dallas Mavericks. Doncic is carrying the Mavericks this season, who are currently holding the West’s final playoff spot, but that won’t take away from his fantastic season.


Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry is still the best shooter in the NBA, averaging 29.0 PPG on 47.5% shooting from the field and 40.8% from three. Curry is dominating the point guard position as usual, but the Golden State Warriors are out of a playoff seeding so far. That may hurt Curry’s standing as an All-NBA performer but his impact cannot be denied.


Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard might have surpassed Stephen Curry as the best point guard in the world, at last. Lillard is a man on a mission this season, averaging 30.0 PPG on 37.6% shooting from three. Lillard is an unstoppable offensive player and he is carrying the Portland Trail Blazers to the 6th seed in the Western Conference. Lillard will be on an All-NBA Team spot this season.


James Harden

James Harden is the best guard in the NBA, and it isn’t close. The Beard is averaging 25.8 PPG, 8.1 RPG, and 11.2 APG while being one of the top contenders for the MVP Award. Harden’s ability to break down the defense with his ball-handling and physical attributes is the key to his success, and he will very likely start on the All-NBA 1st Team.

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