Bill Russell is a very funny man and he never hesitates to show his comedy talents, often trolling NBA players and even athletes from other sports. Back in February, the Boston Celtics legend made it clear that neither Michael Jordan nor Tom Brady are at his level when it comes to rings, reminding everybody that he has 11 championships against seven of the NFL superstar and six of the NBA GOAT.

On April Fools day, Russell once again charged against one NBA player and included an NBA franchise in his joke, too, going after Draymond Green and the Brooklyn Nets. The former center posted a video on Twitter, working out for a ‘return’ to the NBA, explaining that one team reached out asking for his services and he’s ready to return to the floor.

“Last week a team reached out looking for an out of work 6’9 now 6’5, over the hill, Greatest defender in NBA history to fill a spot. Time to get game ready!” Russell wrote on Twitter.

NBA fans reacted to this, as they do whenever Russell tweets, some saying he would be good in today’s league, others telling the Nets and Lakers to sign him while others wonder why he lost 4 inches.

Russell is a man of the public and he’s always been. He’s always joking around and trying to make people laugh and even on social media, he has become a troll and NBA fans are really happy to see his evolution. Even after plenty of years of retirement, he keeps scoring and winning.

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